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  • Reply to: A new venue and a new method to learn   1 month 2 weeks ago
    Simon Gay (not verified)
    I must have written this post in a hurry - I overlooked the fact that Glasgow also has the same starts for 3rd and 5th place bells.
  • Reply to: The Nottingham Eight on Handbells   3 months 6 days ago
    Thank you for that information, Graham. Also thanks for the pointer to your split tenors composition, which I hadn't seen before. I would like to ring the Nottingham Eight with our band, but probably I will call one of the easier compositions so that it doesn't turn into another long project.
  • Reply to: The Nottingham Eight on Handbells   3 months 6 days ago
    My tenors together composition of the Nottingham 8 ( was first rung on handbells at Caversham on 13/06/2001, conducted by David Brown. To my knowledge, the tenors parted composition ( has not yet been rung on handbells, although it is on my to-do list to have a go a calling it myself one day.
  • Reply to: Richard Johnston's mini-bell conversion   5 months 3 weeks ago
    If you know someone with suitable tools and skills (or maybe you have them yourself), you could try a wooden clapper ball, and then put the rubber O-ring on it as usual.
  • Reply to: Richard Johnston's mini-bell conversion   6 months 6 hours ago
    Iain Scott (not verified)
    Having been inspired by this post, I finally got around to attempting to convert a set (of the smaller / cracker version) of these handbells. (I was intending to write a response detailing my efforts, once they have been used in anger.) Unfortunately, while beta-testing, (and not waiting long enough for the glue to set, I think), the seconds clapper ball flew off. Despite knowing that, logically, it must be on the floor in that corner of the room, grovelling around on my knees in said corner has yet to recover it. Has anyone had a similar experience, or otherwise had to find a replacement clapper ball? Any suggestions? ("Buy another set and use the ball from one of those" is one idea, and probably not a particularly expensive one, but only leaves me with the question of how to make _that_ set back up to a usable eight...)