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Another piece of my early handbell ringing history has fallen away with the death of Edward W Martin last year on 18 November.  As extensive tributes from the North America Guild of Change Ringers show (see www.nagcr.org), Eddie and his wife Ann were hugely influential in early years...Read more

Yesterday was the Scottish Handbell Day, a high point in the calendar at 1 Albany Quadrant. It was the best one yet, and everyone went away happy. We had 18 people, and by lowering our sights a little instead of forcing everyone to ring on 12, we...Read more

I learnt a long time ago that trying to combine too many activities into one bundle usually doesn’t work. However, something compels me to test this rule periodically, just in case it is no longer true. After the latest test, I can report that it is still true. I hope...Read more

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