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There was a lot of handbell ringing going on at New Year - we did some too, with a handbell day at Tulloch. Combined with the rest fo January, there has been quite a crop of firsts and other notable achievements.

First quarters

Jonathan and Angela have been away for some winter warmth in Oman, and they rang a quarter on Angela's mini-bells. Splendid!Read more

Here is our handbell roundup for December 2014.  The Christmas period offers a good time for groups of friends to get together and do a lot of handbell ringing (this is what the holidays are for, right?), and quite a few people did just that. 

Notable firsts:

On Saturday we had a handbell day in Tulloch, hosted by Peter Bevis and Helen McGregor. Nick Jones organised the ringing programme, and beforehand he and I had discussed the best 12-bell method to try as a step beyond Kent. As a result, when he sent out the schedule,...Read more

Despite the holiday season there was plenty of handbell-ringing activity in July.


Firsts and other milestones:

1st peal of S Major in hand, Jonathan Franklin and Stephen Beckingham (who also called it).

1st quarter in hand, Judith Lainé.

1st peal in hand, Patrick Deakin....Read more

Somehow I have only just noticed that Graham John's web site has several recordings of handbell ringing. They are extracts from peals, in a variety of methods on different numbers of bells, including some record lengths. All of the ringing is excellent - in fact you have to...Read more

A few thoughts based on our experiences.

  • Not enough people. We don't have a large pool of ringers to draw on, so it's difficult to get a 12-bell band together often enough to be able to steadily improve from session to session. In our Kent Maximus attempt last Saturday, Nick
  • ...Read more

Well, maybe not. But in our continuing 8-spliced project, we decided that these are the methods we need more practice at, so we rang them in a quarter with a nice palindromic six-part composition:

 1344 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) Simon J Gay 2345678 ---------- S 5738264 P- 7864523...Read more

We haven't reported on any of our ringing since the handbell day, so here's a quick summary of what we have been up to.

On one of my trips last year, when looking for something to read on the plane, for a change I browsed the business section of the airport bookshop instead of the fiction section. I picked up a book called What Got You Here Won't Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith....Read more


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