A successful handbell day

Saturday was the Fourth Scottish Handbell Day. It went well. We scored a total of six quarter peals, including a first (the traditional Plain Bob Minor), a first of Surprise Major (the traditional Yorkshire), a first on ten (Kent Royal) and two firsts of Surprise Royal (Yorkshire. Is that traditional? Not sure. I find Cambridge easier.)


We didn’t quite achieve the goal of a quarter for everyone, but it wasn’t for want of trying, and everyone seemed happy in the end.

It’s always difficult to plan the programme for the handbell day. Like most ringing events, a few more experienced people would make things easier, although perhaps it would just shift the same difficulties to different goals: we might be puzzling over how to get two simultaneous 10-bell quarters, instead of how to get two simultaneous 8-bell quarters. However, I think we managed a good balance between trying to extend our frontiers and ringing things that we could achieve confidently.

Something we’ve started doing for the last couple of handbell days is including practice sessions, usually with more people than a single band, and often with the aim of preparing for a quarter in the subsequent session. This time, some of these practice sessions worked very well, and others less so. One of them seemed to involve too much sitting out (not for me, but for others) –  a sign of too many people, I suppose, or it could be because it often takes more than one attempt to ring a given touch.

To round off the weekend, on Sunday we rang another quarter of Yorkshire Royal with our regular band plus Nick, who wasn’t able to come to the handbell day this time.

Nowhere near a peal attempt

Now that the children are well-versed in the allowable interruption protocol during handbell ringing, we have started to increase the number of peal attempts and to broaden our pool of handbell ringers.  Anyone who looked at the calendar will realised there was supposed to be such an attempt last Saturday.


Due to non-ringing circumstances completely beyond our control, the attempt had to be cancelled about two hours before we were scheduled to start.  Hopefully some other attempts might actually get attempted.

Plain Bob, Bristol, and a bit of London

Last night was altogether more successful.  First, our son rang his first plain course of Plain Bob from the trebles.   Then we knocked off another quarter of Bristol, and then a plain course of London.

Not exactly ‘knocked off’:  it was the hardest composition we had rung thus far, no hiding in lots of coursing for the inside pairs.  It was hard, and trippy, and teeth-grittingly determined, but it also had some really nice sections.  Days like that I think we are really getting there.

The London needs a lot of work, and frankly suffered from a bit too much wine after ringing the Bristol.  But London is October’s project.  I still need to rehears the pairs, locate the obvious milestones, and really, learn the line better.  But I am starting to see how it fits together more than I was last month.

The Plain Bob?  That needs some work too.  The first two leads were pretty confident though, and he enjoyed it.

So not ringing a quarter peal

Last night was our last opportunity to have a practice with Josy before her official quarter peal attempt on the Handbell Day (Josy is our new-ish learner: since about March).  We have been practising long touches of Plain Bob to work her stamina up for a quarter, and we decided to ring a ‘quite long’ touch, hopefully 1260 changes of quite long touch.


Well, in the end we managed a 360 after a few tries.  Mostly my fault.  I was unable to keep my own bells straight, whilst trying to put in bobs and correct any mistakes.  Actually, it was unclear whether I had kept my own bells straight even without the other factors.  At least once, I went wrong first.  Not my night at all.

Josy is probably now a bit anxious about her scheduled quarter peal attempt, but I think it will be all right on the night (or day, as it happens).  Plus I won’t be ringing.

Some success though:  our son had his first attempt at Plain Bob Minor from the trebles.  He got two leads in before, um, I went wrong, and sabotaged the whole thing.


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