Using simulators

Change ringing simulators on computers or other handheld devices can rapidly improve progress in handbell ringing, especially for those handbell ringers who have few opportunities for ringing with a live band. 

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I've been practising with Mabel a fair bit recently, partly because we haven't been doing much real handbell ringing over the summer. Here are some thoughts on how I use it. It would be interesting to hear from other users.

My main ringing ambition is to be able to ring on handbells everything that I can ring on tower bells. I don't suppose I'll ever get there, although it's made a tiny bit easier by the fact that there are some things that I'll probably never be able to ring...Read more

Sorry, trying some txt-spk there! To wait, or not to wait: that is the question. If someone hesitates, should the rest of the band wait so that the bells strike in the right order, or should they relentlessly follow the rhythm? On tower bells we don't have a lot of...Read more

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