250 quarters at 1 Albany Quadrant

This landmark has been on the horizon for a while, but it was difficult to make a specific plan to mark it because of a couple of high-volume ringing days (the recent surprise royal weekend and the forthcoming handbell day) and a habit of opportunistic quarters with our Sunday afternoon group.

I did think of ringing a 1250, and considering that we are now a 10-bell band, the easiest way to do that would be to ring Littleport Little Surprise Royal because 1250 is a whole number of leads plus coming round at the snap. Here's what I came up with:

1250 Littleport Little Surprise Royal
Simon J Gay

M  B  W  H  23456
         s  24365
   x        45263
s  x  -s    65342
   x        54623
   x       (42536)
x = 16

As it turned out, the 250th quarter was one of the quarters of Bristol Royal at the weekend, and I didn't think it was worth interrupting our Bristol flow with a quarter of Littleport just to get the right length.

I have also rung almost 100 online quarters while physically in the house, but I'm not counting those in the statistics.

Here is an update on the statistics that I reported after the 200th quarter in the house. They don't reflect all of the ringing with our regular band, because there have also been 22 quarters at Angela's house, mostly with our usual people, and one at Peter's flat.

  • Timespan: 15 years
  • Number of people involved: 59
  • Number of conductors: 17
  • Number of different titles (Yorkshire, 3-spliced, 4-spliced etc): 57
  • Number of methods rung (including in spliced): 92
  • Leading methods: Plain Bob Major (28), Yorkshire Major (28)
  • Number of "firsts" of any kind: 77
  • Numbers of bells: 45 Minor, 166 Major, 36 Royal, 4 Maximus
  • Number of quarters with all of Simon, Tina, Angela and Jonathan in the band: 128
  • Number of quarters on Scottish handbell days: 78