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Some change ringing compositions lend themselves especially well to change ringing on handbells.  These articles either give specific handbell compositions which we or other contributors have used, or discuss the merits of handbell-specific compositions.

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We like the idea of trying to ring Norman Smith's 23-spliced Surprise Major. First rung in 1966, the composition has become a popular challenge. Andrew Craddock's PealBase web site includes statistics on peals of 23-spliced. At the time of writing (26th September 2014) it has been rung 639 times, but...Read more

One of the Ringing Room quarters this week was supposed to be Stedman Cinques, but Jeff Ladd was having internet problems (which had also been a challenge the previous day for Bristol Royal) and pulled out. Instead, Alan Winter called a quarter of Stedman Caters, which we rang very well....Read more

I've just rung another quarter in Ringing Room: Cambridge Major, on handbells of course. I tried out a pair of Ben Johnson handbells that I put together at the weekend. They performed well and they're a comfortable weight. Ben's look more like real...Read more

We did well with our quarter of CYNR this week, so I would like to go for a peal of it during the handbell weekend that I'm planning in April. Here's a survey of compositions to choose from. First, some essential criteria. I'm looking at tenors-together all-the-work compositions. It's possible to...Read more

After our peals of Lessness and Cornwall, the next thing we're going to try with Julia and Nick is Turramurra. It isn't a Pickled Egg method, although I think it featured in the initial discussions about which methods to include; maybe it was even in the "also try"...Read more

After writing the previous article about Cornwall, I spent a bit more time working on a peal composition with four blocks of five befores, to get a good amount of coursing for both 3-4 and 5-6. Here's what I came up with.

5024 Cornwall Surprise Major Simon J Gay B W...Read more

We've arranged another attempt for our peal of London Royal for the Saturday after Christmas. I've decided to try a different composition, which is this one.

5040 London No.3 Surprise Royal Donald F Morrison (no. 1705) 23456 M W H -------------- 46352 - s 32654 s - 34256 2 -...Read more

After our success with Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, we have decided to try London next. Other possibilities would have been Rutland, or spliced Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, or Bristol. I don't think Rutland would be very rewarding - we don't ring it in the tower, so we would probably just...Read more

This week we're going for a peal with a new combination of people: Mike Clay, Ian Bell and Julia Cater. Also a new method: Grandsire Caters. This plan kills several birds with one stone. We want to continue ringing with Mike and Ian; Julia is keen to come and ring...Read more

In the previous article, about Bernard Taylor's composition of Yorkshire, I quoted his comment that Peter Sanderson had produced a similar composition. I think it must be this one, which is also in the handbell compositions section of www.ringing.info.

5152 Yorkshire S Major (No.2) Peter J Sanderson...Read more


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