Change-Ringing on Handbells at the Ringing Roadshow 2022

Change-Ringing on Handbells (Volume 2: Advanced Techniques) cover

Tina and I will be at the Ringing Roadshow 2022 on Sunday 4th September, launching Change-Ringing on Handbells (Volume 2: Advanced Techniques) as well as selling Volume 1 and mugs with the interlocking handbell design. We also look forward to talking to visitors about their experiences of learning to ring handbells (with or without our book).

The discounted prices for the books will be as follows.

Volume 1: £15 (normal price £20)

Volume 2: £20 (normal price £26)

Volumes 1 and 2 together: £32 (normal price £46)

You can see the mugs in the AlbanyQuadrant shop on The price at the Roadshow will be £7.50. There are two colours, light blue and light orange, the same as the covers of the books.

If you would like to reserve books or mugs, for collection at the Roadshow, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. We will be able to take payments on the day in cash or using a card-reader. The deadline for advance orders is Monday 15th August.

There are 30 mugs of each colour, and when they're gone they're gone. We will take enough books to satisfy all advance orders, plus some extras.

These discounted prices only apply to books or mugs that are collected from the Roadshow. At any other time, books must be ordered from Amazon and mugs must be ordered from Redbubble. 

simon Thu, 21/07/2022 - 14:20

The first all-women handbell peal for the Scottish Association

Tina, Angela, Barbara and Susannah have been working on this project for a little while, and yesterday they succeeded with a peal of Yorkshire which was also Tina's first handbell peal as conductor and Angela's first of surprise on an inside pair.

The band

Scottish Association

27 House o'Hill Crescent

A new collection of handbell-friendly compositions

Among its many features, Composition Library allows one to create collections, which can contain methods, compositions or both. I have defined a collection consisting of many of my favourite handbell-friendly compositions, both quarters and peals. Each composition has a brief note describing the features that make it especially suitable...

Recent round-up

We've done a lot of ringing in the last two weeks, a lot of it on handbells, and I've rung with an unusually large number of people. I had a visit to the Edinburgh handbell band, which included losing a quarter of Bristol and practising some other surprise major methods...

Jura Bob Caters

This week's Ringing World (20th May 2022, number 5795, if you are reading later) has an interesting article by Richard Smith about a new method: Jura Bob Caters. I will try not to reproduce too much of what he writes, which includes fascinating material about how he designed the method...

Another successful weekend

The handbell day on Saturday went well, although it was almost delayed because a train derailment meant that nearly all the trains from Glasgow to Shettleston were cancelled. Fortunately there was one remaining train at just the right time for all the ringers who needed it, and we managed to...