A new collection of handbell-friendly compositions

Among its many features, Composition Library allows one to create collections, which can contain methods, compositions or both. I have defined a collection consisting of many of my favourite handbell-friendly compositions, both quarters and peals. Each composition has a brief note describing the features that make it especially suitable for handbells, and in most cases there is a link to a blog article about the composition. It took a little bit of coaxing to get the blog links into CompLib - they are masquerading as page numbers, where the number is a reference to the blog's internal database.

There are some other CompLib collections of handbell compositions; everyone has their favourites. I have previously set up a collection containing all the methods and compositions from Change-Ringing on Handbells Volume 1, but most of the compositions are just standard callings and not particularly handbell-oriented. If other handbell conductors would like to nominate compositions, I will add them and write blog articles reviewing their handbell-friendly features.

Methods as compositions, part 1: Single Court and Double Court

Single Court Bob Minor

I have been thinking about how to understand the internal structure of methods by viewing  them as compositions. This isn't particularly related to handbells, except that some of the methods I'm going to look at are methods with simple structures that make them easy for handbell ringing.

To see what...

What is the simplest peal composition of Yorkshire?

This question came up at home this week because Tina is organising a peal of Yorkshire, which will be her first handbell peal as conductor. What she's looking for is a straightforward composition to call, perhaps with handbell-friendly features.

A straightforward and well-known composition is Pitstow's:

5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major...

Laminated Surprise Royal

I've been doing a bit of online ringing again. Last Friday I called a quarter of Lincolnshire Royal, using the standard simple composition W 3H sW and discovering that it makes 5-6 ring all the positions. Today we rang Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire spliced, using a composition in whole courses...

Restarting handbell days

Normally we organise handbell days twice per year, in May and October, with a combination of quarter peals and practice sessions. We've missed the last three because of the pandemic, but yesterday we restarted with a small-scale event involving 12 people.

The morning focused on getting our three new Glasgow...