Method Strategies

Method strategies describe tips or hints or full explanations about how to ring or learn specific methods.

Jura Bob Caters

This week's Ringing World (20th May 2022, number 5795, if you are reading later) has an interesting article by Richard Smith about a new method: Jura Bob Caters. I will try not to reproduce too much of what he writes, which includes fascinating material about how he designed the method...

Stedman Triples

We've started a Stedman Triples project with Marcus and Julia. Tina, Julia and I all like Stedman, but there's never much enthusiasm from the rest of the Albany Quadrant regulars, so when Marcus mentioned that he had been trying Stedman with the Five O'Clock Club and would like to do...

Methods as compositions, part 1: Single Court and Double Court

Single Court Bob Minor

I have been thinking about how to understand the internal structure of methods by viewing  them as compositions. This isn't particularly related to handbells, except that some of the methods I'm going to look at are methods with simple structures that make them easy for handbell ringing.

To see what...