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Articles and posts discussing the mini and micro bells, made by people to help practice and teach handbells.

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In a previous post I described the Christmas cracker bells. Yesterday I finished converting the clappers; I haven't done the handles yet as I don't have enough leather left after making Angela's mini bells. So now we have a set of micro bells. Amazingly, the tenor of the...Read more

Jonathan and Angela have been away for some winter warmth in Oman, and they rang a quarter on Angela's mini-bells. Splendid!Read more

A while ago I offered to make a set of mini-bells for Angela, partly because she doesn't have a full-size set, and partly to see how long it would take now that I know what I'm doing. I ordered all the parts, put them away neatly in a box,...Read more

On Saturday we had the annual Scottish Association training day, at which I was running a Bristol group at Dunblane. At Angela's suggestion I took the mini-bells, and although we didn't have time to do any ringing during the day, we did get them out in the pub after...Read more

As mentioned on the blog previously, I followed Richard Johnston's instructions to convert a set of coloured toy handbells into a decent set of practice bells by fitting them with better clappers and leather handles. Here's what you end up with:

...Read more

I have been roadtesting our new set of amped-up Kidsplay handbells these past couple of weeks.

(We have gotten into the habit of calling these the 'toy handbells', but we really need a better name....any suggestions?

As I had hoped, these handbells have been very useful to the Handbell...Read more

We did not manage quite the amount of handbell ringing we had anticipated over the holiday period - the usual suspects, 'flu and family events, conspiring against us.

This Kidsplay conversion will help with the Handbell Clu

However, Simon completed a project we had...Read more

Wednesdays are the day that I run the Handbell Club over the lunch period, and after our success with the students at the Scottish Handbell Day, I was thinking about ways to keep that momentum.  I was also thinking about how to catch the other pupils up.

The bad news...Read more

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