A Bristol anniversary

Submitted by Simon on Wed, 24/03/2021 - 19:45

Monday this week (22nd March) was the 120th anniversary of the first peal of Bristol Surprise Major. Ideally the occasion should have been marked with a 5120 of Bristol, but we can't ring in person at the moment and I didn't have the energy to try to arrange and ring an online peal. Also I didn't notice the anniversary until Saturday.

I made a video about the history and development of Bristol Major, Royal and Maximus, and managed to organise a quarter peal with Simon Rudd, Peter Randall and Simon Linford. I called a composition that I haven't rung before, by Tom Griffiths:

1250 Bristol S. Major
Thomas W. Griffiths

M B W H  23456
  4 2 -  62345
-   s   (42536)

There's a lot of coursing for 5-6, and the four befores go through several musical coursing orders. We rang it well with very few trips.