An embarrassing discovery

I have mentioned before that we have been ringing handbells on Sunday afternoons with three of the Glasgow ringers: Jessica, Colin and Zoé. Yesterday only Colin and Zoé could come, and Tina was busy with Dorothy, so we had a six-bell session. We started with a 360 of Bob Minor, which was the first time we had rung a touch with both Colin and Zoé together. It went well, and has potential for a quarter peal if we become a little more confident and fluent. After that I thought Little Bob would be worth a try, so I reached for "Change-Ringing on Handbells" to find a diagram and discovered to my horror that there isn't one! Actually that's not quite true. There is a diagram of the 10 separate half leads, with the lines for 5-6, intending to illustrate how the method is Plain Bob chopped up and put back together in a  different way. But we didn't include this diagram with a clear blue line:

Little Bob Minor

Apologies to any readers who have suffered from the lack of this diagram. It might be something to include in a second addition - not just for a quick update as it will probably affect the pagination.