An inversion of the usual difficulty levels

Submitted by Simon on Sun, 14/06/2020 - 18:05

Online ringing with Ringing Room becomes more difficult when more people are involved, because there is more variation in the internet delays and more people who have to cope with it. Of course it's normal for ringing on more bells to be more difficult, but in Ringing Room, ringing on a given number of bells is easier when people are ringing two each (assuming that they are competent handbell ringers) than when they are ringing one each.

This has led to footnotes about first performances with one bell each, when they have already been achieved with two bells each - the reverse of the usual situation.

For example, the first Ringing Room quarter of Bristol Maximus was on 22nd May, with two bells per person, and on 12th June the first Ringing Room quarter of Bristol Maximus by 12 people was rung and footnoted.