Another good surprise royal method: Fermanagh


Gareth asked for ideas for surprise royal methods to ring with the Five O'Clock Club, so I suggested Walsworth and Fermanagh. Walsworth is Sgurr A'Chaorachain with a block of wrong hunting as the frontwork, and I included it in a set of methods that I wrote about recently. I haven't written about Fermanagh before though. I came across it in a composition of spliced by David Hull and I think it's worth trying by itself - we're going for it on Friday.

Fermanagh has Cornwall backwork with a short block of wrong hunting on the front four, joined onto the beginning and end of Cornwall frontwork by point blows. I have found it straightforward on Mabel, so I'm optimistic about our attempt in Ringing Room.

Cornwall itself only extends to alternate stages (maximus, sixteen and so on) but as Fermanagh has a section of (reverse) plain hunting instead of treble bob hunting, it extends to every higher stage. Fermanagh Maximus hasn't been rung yet, so there's a not-too-difficult opportunity for someone.

I wondered about a major version, but the idea of removing the x5x4 as the treble moves through 6-7 and 7-8 doesn't work because it brings 2 and 3 back where they started after one lead. However, also converting the double dodge on the front into a single dodge produces Nottinghamshire Delight, which has been rung from major to maximus. As an aside, replacing the beginning of the Cornwall backwork with Zanussi points and them adjusting the frontwork to remove repetition produces Lee Wood Delight.

For a composition, I have been inspired by some of the compositions suggested by other conductors in the Five O'Clock Club, using combinations of 8th place and 4th place calls. For example, we rang a quarter of Phobos last week with a simple composition of three 10th place bobs at Out, followed by a 2nd place lead end at Home to bring it round. The composition I called for Remus a few weeks ago also works for Fermanagh (3 Ins, 1 Out, all 8th place bobs, then a 4th place Home). However, because Fermanagh doesn't have the B falseness group (this prevents swapping two adjacent bells in the coursing order), it's possible to do something even simpler keeps everyone except 3-4 in their home positions.

1280 Fermanagh Surprise Royal
Simon J. Gay

O  H  23456
-     34256
s     32456
-     24356
   x  23456
- = 18
s = 1890
x = 1234