First quarter with our new local 10-bell band

Yesterday we managed to get all five of us together for the first time, and we rang a nice quarter of Cambridge Royal. Tina called it, which was a first for her, and it was Peter's first of surprise royal. The composition was one we have often used: sM, sW, sM, repeated, which keeps 3-4 unaffected throughout. It's four full courses, i.e. 1440, but it's very tempting to bring it round by plain hunting at the Wrong lead end after the last sM. Somehow it feels undesirable though, even though with the current Central Council decisions, it could be classified as pure Cambridge with a 10ths place bob (it is no longer necessary for a bob to change the coursing order).

Anyway, it was satisfying to ring a nice quarter at the first attempt, especially as we haven't done much 10-bell ringing for a while. We'll probably ring a couple more of Cambridge, switching the pairs around, and then move on to Lincolnshire.