From Ringing Room to living room

Last week we had a live ringing session with Jessica, who we have been teaching in Ringing Room. We spent some time working on handbell ringing style and adapting to the delay between starting the physical movement and the bell sounding. After an evening's practice we were pretty well up to the level we had been ringing at online.

All of us have had to get used to live ringing again. I'm finding our bells rather loud and I wish I could turn the volume down. It's not so bad with Jonathan's bells, which have always been quieter. Visually, there is some advantage in being able to see people's arm movements ahead of their bells ringing. I think it makes it easier to fit in with the rhythm, for example when there's a roll-up coming.

We're having a small-scale handbell day the weekend after next, which will involve a few people who have been learning online. Let's see how they all get on.