Handbell Compositions: 5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major (No. 2) by Peter J Sanderson

Submitted by Simon on Wed, 07/06/2017 - 19:14

In the previous article, about Bernard Taylor's composition of Yorkshire, I quoted his comment that Peter Sanderson had produced a similar composition. I think it must be this one, which is also in the handbell compositions section of www.ringing.info.

5152 Yorkshire S Major (No.2)
Peter J Sanderson

23456   M  W  H
35264   2  2
56423   -  2  3
25463      -
63254   2  -
52436   -  -
23645   -  2
63542   -     3
42635   2  -   
23456   2  2  3

Here are the coursing orders.

  M      W      H
53624  36524
65243  52643
       26543  25463
65324  53624
53246  32546
32465  24365
43652         46532
43265  32465
32546  25346
       53246  52436

Indeed it is very similar - also a palindrome, and with the same handbell-friendly properties (12 courses of coursing for 3-4 and 5-6. The difference is that there is only one block of 3 wrongs in each half, and it has a block of 3 homes inserted into it instead of the other separate block of 3 wrongs. I think I prefer Bernard Taylor's composition, because it's a little more regular. Let's see how it works out in practice.


On Complib, the option is available for someone, or a group of people, to produce a music scheme for handbells. As a collective, can we develop a scheme for submission to Graham John? This is potentially problematic because people will have differing views on what makes a good handbell composition and of course different stages and methods have different requirements. On 8 bells, my own general preferences are: Coursing pairs, 5678s and 6578s, 8765s. Front and back. 5 and 6 coursing the tenors Little bell runs. The above contains a mixture of coursing positions and desirable music. Any thoughts?

Submitted by Samuel Austin (not verified) on Mon, 18/12/2017 - 11:44

Are you thinking that you want a different set of musical criteria for handbell compositions, or that defining a music scheme would be a way of scoring a composition for handbell-friendliness? I like the way that CompLib shows the percentage of each position for each handbell pair. Maybe this could be used to produce a single handbell-friendliness score, by combining the percentages of coursing for different pairs, or looking at the number of different positions rung by each pair. I think this would need to be different for different numbers of bells. For example, for Surprise Royal we would normally stick with 7-8 being unaffected rather than trying to get them coursing.

Submitted by Simon on Wed, 28/02/2018 - 15:31