Iddesleigh Surprise Royal

Submitted by Simon on Wed, 03/03/2021 - 20:43


The winning streak came to an end, of course - we lost a quarter of York Maximus, which I might write about another time. But this evening we succeeded first time with Iddesleigh, which is one of the methods I wrote about last week. At the weekend I also recorded a video about the structure of Iddesleigh and my thoughts on learning it.

The method is Bristol above the treble, in fact entirely Bristol until the treble gets above 7-8, and then the frontwork is replaced by wrong hunting on the front six. The key to ringing it is to pick up the right part of Bristol after leaving the block of wrong hunting. In the video I suggested doing this by working out which place bell to aim for. I think I would be able to do that in the tower, but when I started practising Iddesleigh in Mabel it seemed a little too much to think about. Another idea was to note which places I'm in at the position where there would be a handstroke point in Bristol, and then start Bristol by imagining that I had actually done a point. I also found that difficult to see, and I felt that it might have been easier with a backstroke point. So in the end I just learned which piece of work before the wrong hunting matches which piece of work after the wrong hunting, and it worked fine.

We rang the quarter reasonably well, although there were a few mistakes (including one by me) that required significant help from the conductor. It's quite a nice method. I think it might be the first time that I've rung a surprise royal method in hand that I haven't previously rung in the tower, so that's another kind of progress.