Interview with Alan Reading

Where are you based?

Yatton, North Somerset

When and where did you learn to ring handbells?

Bristol. Initially in 2017, but didn't really get going until late 2020.

Who has influenced your handbell ringing?

Philip Earis was a big early influence. Done most of my subsequent handbell ringing with Lucy Warren and Julian Howes, the three of us developing together.

Blue lines, place notation or structure?

All three to a greater or less extent but emphasis on place notation on lower numbers.

Trebles or tenors?

Started out on the tenors. Ring around the circle now but would be more comfortable on the tenors than the trebles.

Quarters or peals?


What is the most unusual place in which you have rung handbells?

Air b&b flat in Vernet-les-Bains, France.

What is your favourite handbell-ringing anecdote?

Heard one about someone trying to swot a fly during a peal, which apparently endangered some other members of the band!

Any further comments about handbell ringing in general?

Find it very fulfilling and a good challenge. There is so much to it and always possible to develop skills further and find new challenges. I'm very glad I got into it, albeit after quite a long towerbell only career.


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