Interview with Nikki Thomas

Where are you based?

Norwich, Norfolk

When and where did you learn to ring handbells?

As a teenager, then I had another spell in the early 1990s, but really managed to make progress during lockdown.

Who has influenced your handbell ringing?

Not really sure, Billy Barrett, then Neil my husband then Simon Rudd

Blue lines, place notation or structure?

I'm not sure, probably a bit everything, I've really no idea!

Trebles or tenors?

I rang 1-2 for years though it seems there are peals and quarters in the early 90's when I rang inside which I don't remember, in lockdown I set about teaching others so had to be flexible

Quarters or peals?

Both, mainly quarters, I think I started off ringing peals (badly and lost a lot)

What is the most unusual place in which you have rung handbells?

Our neighbours derelict church, under Gaia at Mancroft,

What is your favourite handbell-ringing anecdote?

Sitting in the garden during lockdown ringing handbells when a VERY low flying fighter jet seemed to slowly fly over us, so low we could see the face of the pilot! It appeared to narrowly skim the top of the house, One ringer remarked we had broken the law as there were already 6 of us in the garden. We all ducked and the touch just fired up. There followed a great blog by Mary Jones!!

Any further comments about handbell ringing in general? 

It's always huge fun, very sociable and so incredibly difficult.


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