Interview with Simon Linford

Where are you based?


When and where did you learn to ring handbells?

I had done a bit 40 years ago but really took it up during lockdown

Who has influenced your handbell ringing?

I have been lucky to be able to drop into the established peal bands at Yatton, Hitchin, Cornhill Vestry, Worcester, The Crockery, and Birmingham

Blue lines, place notation or structure?

Mixture. I have such good method knowledge that two lines is not a problem, but I see how they fit together as a structure. On six it's entirely structure and bits of notation. On other numbers it's more lines and structure. I am not sitting there thinking in terms of section place notations.

Trebles or tenors?

Don't mind. Rang 23 spliced first on trebles, but have now rung it on tenors. On 12 I started on tenors but have now 'promoted' myself to 9-10!

Quarters or peals?


What is the most unusual place in which you have rung handbells?

Nowhere unusual

What is your favourite handbell-ringing anecdote?

No anecdotes really - I haven't done enough! I enjoy watching different ringers' styles though, especially at Cornhill Vestry

Any further comments about handbell ringing in general?

I dropped handbell ringing a long time ago when I didn't think I would be able to do on handbells what I can do on tower bells, and was unwilling to invest time in being rubbish. That changed in lockdown and now I want to try and do what I can do on tower bells in hand. I am there on six, getting closer on 8 - miles away on 12 but I have Cyclic 6 as a 2024 target. I think more people should be introduced to handbells when they learn tower bell ringing - I have my Moseley learners ringing handbells so they can plain hunt on six in hand before they can do it on a tower bell. It helps their understanding and provides some variety.


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