Jovium Follow-Up

We rang our quarter of Jovium without difficulty. The method was quite straightforward once we got into it - and the amount of wrong-place work is tiny, just a couple of blows of wrong hunting between the fishtails.

A couple of hours before we started, I finally got around to writing out the lead ends of the composition. It was really very easy to call from 3-4. Here it is again in tabular form:

1344 Jovium Surprise Major
Comp. Elf

I W H  2345678
- -   (3462785)
-   2  2348765
2 part.

The two bobs at In are the ones that put the back bells into the 8765 position, and the Wrong goes with the three Homes as a block affecting 2,3,4. In fact the In, Wrong, In are at consecutive leads, so all you have to remember is that the first In is when 2,3,4 are together at the back (the lead end that would be 17856342 without a bob).

The idea of this composition can be adapted for many methods. For example, for Plain Bob, the two Ins are at consecutive leads, and the three bobs on 2,3,4 are all Homes. Of course you need more courses for a quarter of Plain Bob, so you can either call two Ins and six Homes, repeated, or to turn the back bells more often, call two Ins and three Homes, repeated with a single instead of a bob half-way and end.

We managed a plain course in the tower the next day, which was satisfying.

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