London projects

A few weeks ago we temporarily suspended the Glasgow tower-bell practice and had a Ringing Room session. Peter and I found ourselves ringing two bells each for a course of London Minor, which was a first for Peter. Thus inspired, the next time Angela wasn't available for handbell ringing we tried a quarter of London Major, unfortunately breaking down just after half way. Next came London Royal last Monday. My preferred quarter peal composition starts with a single home, so we had the opportunity to see whether we could ring a plain course before continuing with another three courses. We rang the plain course very well, but evidently we did it by applying an unsustainable level of concentration, and we disintegrated at the second course end. It was a promising start though, and we should have a good chance of success next time. Next week we only have four of us, so we'll try the London Major again and perhaps the Royal will have tuned us in to the wrong hunting.