Maximum Yorkshire and a bit of Bob Minor

It's been an intensive Yorkshire-fest in the last few days. On Thursday we rang a quarter of royal, which Tina called as practice for her upcoming peal of Yorkshire Major. One thing that tripped us up a couple of times was thinking that everyone above 2nd place dodges when the treble dodges in 5-6, which is a good landmark in major. In royal, though, the place notation at that point is 1270, not just 12, so the bells in the back four places hunt.

Friday was Yorkshire Maximus in Ringing Room, which went pretty well considering that the Five O'Clock Club hasn't rung a quarter of maximus since the end of May. It took quite a lot of concentration. I think I should try to ring it in a more structural way. At the moment I am having to remember which sets of places go together in the same place bell (3-4 with 7-8, 5-6 with 5-6) and remember to miss the dodge below places with the treble and above places without the treble. All of that requires a lot of mental churning which would be better reduced.

On Sunday evening we rang Yorkshire Major in the tower, and then on Monday Tina called the first part of Simon Humphrey's peal on handbells. That's the composition she has picked for her upcoming peal attempt. We rang it quite well, although unfortunately we did give her some conducting to do by each drifting off once or twice. Never mind, it probably increased her confidence in being able to stay on top of what's going on.

Before going tower bell ringing on Sunday, we slotted in Colin's first handbell quarter. He rang the trebles for Plain Bob Minor and did very well. That's good progress since we started ringing online with him in the summer, and I hope it's the first of many quarters. We have also practised wrong home wrong with Colin on 5-6, so he should be able to ring a quarter on the tenors before too long.