Methods of the Month: Double Dublin

Last Monday we rang a quarter of February's method, Double Dublin. I enjoyed it much more than I expected to - my memory of ringing Double Dublin as part of 23-spliced was that it can be a bit trippy, because of having to remember to do every variation with respect to Bristol. However, we rang it well.

Jonathan called this composition, which has a lot of coursing for every pair - but only 70% coursing for the tenors. Also, 3-4 (which I rang) don't ring the 5-6 position, and 5-6 and 7-8 don't ring the 3-4 position.

1280 Bristol Surprise Major
Andrew J Rawlinson
2345678  B     V     M     F     W     H
34625    –     –   –s––s   –   –s––s	
2345678  –                           –s––s

We haven't rung this style of composition of Bristol before, with the long blocks of calls in the same position. These blocks can generate plenty of musical runs, but they are a little tedious for the bells ringing the repeating leads. Also, the other bells get stuck on the front for a long time.

Next week is March, so we're going to try a quarter of Lancashire. We practised it last week, learning it as we went along, and managed to get through a plain course. Let's see what we can do on Monday.