Scottish handbell statistics for 2023

Here's an updated table of quarter peal statistics.


Quite a drop in the number of quarters compared to 2022; slightly fewer ringers; one extra conductor. I'm not sure why there were fewer quarters. We only had one handbell day, which accounts for a few. Also our regular sessions with the Glasgow band have been slightly less frequent, and fewer of them have been quarters because we've been working on new methods.

Turning to peals, as there were some new people who rang peals at the beginning of 2023, I thought it would be nice to set a new record for the number of people ringing SACR handbell peals during the year - which we have done, with a total of 17, improving the previous record of 13. The number of conductors also increased from four to five (me, Nick Jones, Ian Bell, James Holdsworth, Jack Page) but only four resident conductors, the same as the previous high point.