Seven Simons (Take 1) and Fermanagh (Take 2)

On Sunday we finally managed to get all seven Simons together for a first attempt at Little Bob 14. After ringing Little Bob 14 and then 16 with the Five O'Clock Club, we decided that it's easier than variations of Kent. It took us a while to settle into it, and we didn't succeed with a quarter, but we did ring a block of several courses which was improving steadily. We've got another date next week, so we should have a good chance with it at the second attempt.

Today we had a repeat of the Fermanagh, and rang it fairly well. There were occasional problems in the frontwork, and in particular I sometimes got the double dodges wrong, but overall it was satisfying. So my ideas about a new surprise royal repertoire are taking shape, with Bristol, Sgurr A'Chaorachain, Remus and Fermanagh as the first batch of methods.