So near and yet so Far-managh

This evening we almost rang a quarter of Fermanagh, unfortunately scuppered by a hardware problem, and infuriatingly in my equipment.

We had a short false start because one of my bells just stopped ringing. Unplugging and replugging the eBell, followed by restarting Handbell Manager, got it working again. It would have been a good idea to switch to a different eBell, as I have several sets handy, but I just hoped it wouldn't happen again.

We rang the quarter pretty well, only a few mistakes requiring collective help to get back on track, but my eBell stopped working again right at the end, between calling the final single and rounds coming up. So reluctantly we had to agree that we had not succeeded. It's a pity - as far as I can see from BellBoard, it would have been the first handbell performance in the method. It's on the agenda again for next week, but I don't think I can ring.

Anyway, it was another good reconnaissance for methods we can try to ring when the Albany Quadrant band restarts - that should be pretty soon because Glasgow has finally moved from Covid level 3 to level 2, so we will be allowed to have all five of us meeting indoors.