Stage Leaders on Handbells

Andrew Craddock has added a fascinating new feature to PealBase: stage leaders. That is to say, the people who have rung the most peals at each stage (Minor, Triples, Major etc). At the time of writing, PealBase data goes back to 1952, so older peals are not included in these statistics.


Naturally, I am interested in the handbell data. Here is an extract, showing just the leading ringer at each stage. I have omitted mixed stages (Spliced Cinques and Maximus, and so on) and stopped at Sixteen.

Stage Leading Handbell Peal Ringer Peals
Doubles Kevin M Price 75
Minor John R Mayne 707
Triples Alan S Burbidge 110
Major Roger Bailey 922
Caters William H Jackson 75
Royal J David Atkinson 641
Cinques Michael P Moreton 211
Maximus Bernard F L Groves 522
Sextuples (several people equal) 5
Fourteen Bernard F L Groves 20
Septuples David C Brown 3
Sixteen David C Brown 16

My closest approach to the Top 100 is in the Caters category, where I have rung 10 handbell peals; the list on PealBase cuts off at 11 peals. I do have an attempt for Stedman Caters planned in April, so maybe there is hope...