The 10th Scottish Handbell Day

This handbell day was a little smaller than some of the previous ones, but we made the most of the people we had, and rang four quarters as well as doing a great deal of useful practice.
We've developed a tradition of ringing Kent Maximus after dinner, and this time it went much better than previously. So we augmented Jonathan's 12 with the 2nd and 3rd of the mini-bells, and rang three leads of Kent Fourteen:
168 Kent Treble Bob Fourteen
1–2 Tina R Stoecklin
3–4 Jennifer A Holden
5–6 Simon J Gay (C)
7–8 Nicholas W Jones
9–10 Jonathan S Frye
11–12 Angela H Deakin
13–14 Stephen A Elwell-Sutton
The quarters:
Scottish Association
1 Albany Quadrant
Saturday, 10 May 2014
1320 Kent Treble Bob Minor
1–2 Angela H Deakin
3–4 Colin P North
5–6 Nicholas W Jones (C)
First of Kent in hand: 3-4.
1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1–2 Jennifer A Holden
3–4 Tina R Stoeckin
5–6 Jonathan S Frye (C)
1344 Plain Bob Major
1–2 Stephen A Elwell-Sutton
3–4 Simon J Gay
5–6 Colin P North
7–8 Jennifer A Holden (C)
First in hand as conductor.
1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
1–2 Jennifer A Holden
3–4 Tina R Stoecklin
5–6 Jonathan S Frye
7–8 Simon J Gay (C)

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