The first handbell peal in Ringing Room

Submitted by Simon on Sat, 21/11/2020 - 13:19

This morning Tina, Julia and I rang a peal of Cambridge, Kent and Plain Bob Minor in Ringing Room. This is only the fourth peal in Ringing Room, and the first handbell peal, i.e. with everyone ringing two bells each. (There have been two peals in which one person rang 1-2 and the others rang one bell each). Also it makes me the only person who's rung peals in both Ringing Room and Handbell Stadium!

We started early, at 7 am, to try to get in before the internet clogged up. We didn't have too many delays, although there were a couple of patches where Tina's screen froze. We managed to keep going through them. The method ringing was very good and we mostly had a good rhythm too. We started fairly slowly but the final time was 2h14 which is reasonable - everyone is ringing a little more slowly in Ringing Room than in real life.

After last week's problems I stuck to standard callings: wrong home wrong for Cambridge, in out in for Kent, wrong single wrong for Plain Bob.

This weekend should have been Cumberlands' peal weekend, which we don't usually manage to do anything for (there aren't many Cumberlands in Scotland). But Julia suggested trying an online peal, and it was satisfying to score it. We might try more in the future. Also the Five O'Clock Club members are thinking about trying some peals.

There was also another peal in Handbell Stadium recently, of Kent Major by a band from Wales. That's the third Handbell Stadium peal. Maybe there will be more now that lots of people are ordering eBells (more about that in another article).