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Yesterday we scored a peal of Lincolnshire Royal, at the second attempt. We rang it on a new set of bells: the light 10 of Jonathan's 12. As well as becoming more familiar with the method (improved since the first attempt), we are getting better at 10-bell ringing....Read more

As well as our long-established band with Jonathan and Angela, we have been ringing with the "Edinburgh crossover band" involving Mike and Ian. We are trying to get into a routine of a monthly peal attempt. Towards the end of last year we scored a peal of Yorkshire, and in...Read more

This morning I came across an interesting blog post on productivity, which is titled 'The McDonald's Theory' (there's a link at the bottom of this post).  The theme is how to get started on a project, particularly a difficult, long, or still rather amorphous project.  The conclusion: just start, even...Read more

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