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We did well with our quarter of CYNR this week, so I would like to go for a peal of it during the handbell weekend that I'm planning in April. Here's a survey of compositions to choose from. First, some essential criteria. I'm looking at tenors-together all-the-work compositions. It's possible to...Read more

We've just come back from a short visit to Penrith, where we rang a peal of Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland with Julia Cater and Nick Tithecott. That makes six peals from six attempts for me, and five out of five for Tina - surely the longest winning...Read more

Browsing peal compositions of Spliced Surprise Major, for example at www.ringing.org, reveals several compositions of the "Nottingham 8". This collection of methods was proposed at least 20 years ago as an alternative to the "Standard 8".

The Standard 8, of course, are London, Bristol, Cambridge, Superlative, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire,...Read more

In my previous article I mentioned that we were hoping to go for a peal of spliced Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Bristol. Well, we did, and we rang it first time, which was satisfying. I was almost as pleased with it as I was with the...Read more

There is a possibility of going for a peal of spliced Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Bristol in the near (or maybe distant) future. The idea is to take the easy four of the standard 8, and add Bristol as a step towards the full set. (We would be thinking...Read more

If I had delayed my previous post by one week, I would have been able to end the post on a higher note (see Getting to grips with Horton's 4).

After not quite getting a quarter of Horton's 4 in the days immediately following our successful tower bell peal,...Read more

Since completing our 8-spliced project last June, we have turned our attention to another spliced challenge - that of ringing Horton's 4 (Glasgow, Bristol, Belfast, London) in hand.   Well.  After some detours into other little projects and the odd handbell day.

The impetus to get started was provided by the...Read more

This week we tried something new, with a quarter of cyclic spliced Kent and Oxford. "Cyclic" refers to a 7-part composition in which the part ends are 12345678, 13456782, 14567823, 15678234, 16782345, 17823456, 18234567. Cyclic spliced has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in Maximus and usually...Read more

Well, maybe not. But in our continuing 8-spliced project, we decided that these are the methods we need more practice at, so we rang them in a quarter with a nice palindromic six-part composition:

 1344 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) Simon J Gay 2345678 ---------- S 5738264 P- 7864523...Read more

On Saturday we had another successful Scottish Handbell Day, which Tina will write about soon. On Sunday we had a session of trying to make progress with our 8-spliced project. As we have been out of practice over the summer, rather than going for a peal we decided to ring...Read more


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