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If I had delayed my previous post by one week, I would have been able to end the post on a higher note (see Getting to grips with Horton's 4).

After not quite getting a quarter of Horton's 4 in the days immediately following our successful tower bell peal,...Read more

Since completing our 8-spliced project last June, we have turned our attention to another spliced challenge - that of ringing Horton's 4 (Glasgow, Bristol, Belfast, London) in hand.   Well.  After some detours into other little projects and the odd handbell day.

The impetus to get started was provided by the...Read more

After ringing a quarter of Bristol on the handbell day, we hatched a plan for Julia to come up from Penrith to ring a peal. It was the half term holiday down there (a week later than ours), so she was able to bring her daughters for an overnight trip. We gave...Read more

We have been working on our current project, a peal of 8-spliced, for a while. We rang our first quarter in November 2012, and since then we've rung several more quarters, and lost a peal a few times. We find it difficult to get together for peal attempts, so we...Read more

In the face of tonsilitis, winter vomiting bug, holiday schedules, the midwinter bellringing blues and the continued absence of our increasingly awesome head conductor, we met again to ring handbells with Marcus.

(I know it is April and therefore technically spring.  But, you know, only technically.  The body clock is...Read more

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