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Wednesdays are the day that I run the Handbell Club over the lunch period, and after our success with the students at the Scottish Handbell Day, I was thinking about ways to keep that momentum.  I was also thinking about how to catch the other pupils up.

The bad news...Read more

After a bit of a break, we tempted Josy back into some more handbell practice, and the small holiday from handbells appears to have had some benefit.  We reviewed some plain methods, worked on rhythm and pace, and plunged off into the tidal race of Cambridge Minor.  All showing signs...Read more

I have been doing some analysis of the most popular handbell methods, as measured by numbers of peals. The data comes from Andrew Craddock’s excellent PealBase goes back to 1954 at the moment, and in order to consider complete years, I have stopped at 2010. So that’s...Read more

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