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Some time ago, I wrote about the fact that getting started on handbells is easier than getting started on tower bells, because there isn't the difficulty of learning to handle a bell. At the time, I was thinking that bell handling on handbells is almost trivial; certainly I don't...Read more

So, we had a late and a bit of a rushed handbell ringing session with Josy on Wednesday.  After the great practice we had last week, we had determined that it was time to put Josy on our usual practice structure of a quarter peal attempt followed by some plain...Read more

After the last Scottish Handbell Day, we had a bit of a rest from our labours, but managed to meet with Josy for some more ringing practice last week.

Josy had a great handbell day.  Not only did she ring her first quarter peal (Plain Bob Minor of course), but...Read more

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