I learned to ring handbells with Jeff Smith and students at Kalamazoo College before I ever saw a tower bell.  I rehearsed my pairs using a simulator Jeff built using a handheld Texas Instruments computer.   And I also used my thumbs, which I still do to this day. 

Over my years as a ringer, I drifted in and out of handbell ringing according to whatever opportunties were (or weren't) available, and as a result spent a very long time in my 'Kent apprenticeship'.  During that time I met and rang with many people who went out of their way to help teach handbells and who were very patient with my inability to pick up new methods very quickly.  I started this blog as my own way to give some of that learning and patience back.

When not ringing handbells, I'm probably ringing in a bell tower, either my home tower at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, the Bell Tower at Inveraray or other locations in Scotland, where we are so fortunate to live.

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