A Peal of Pudsey

On Wednesday we rang a good peal of Pudsey with Mike and Ian. It was our second attempt (I didn't blog about the unsuccessful one) and it was a huge improvement on last time. Very satisfying. That brings us to the end of the project to ring the right-place methods from the standard 8 (and, incidentally, completes the standard 8 as conductor on handbells for me, as well as being my 50th handbell peal as conductor). What next? There are several possibilities:

  • Ring some other straightforward right-place methods, such as Uxbridge or Cornwall.
  • Recruit another ringer and try Cambridge Royal.
  • Start working on Bristol.

A non-surprise possibility that I am becoming keen on is to try Grandsire Caters. Years ago, Tina and I had a phase of ringing Grandsire Triples and Caters with Steve Mitchell, Peter Felton and Philip Saddleton. It's quite nice once you get used to odd-bell ringing. I've never been a great Grandsire conductor, but a couple of years ago I called an unsuccessful peal attempt of Grandsire Caters at Inveraray. Mike Clay passed on to me a detailed set of instructions, written by Roy LeMarechal, for conducting the 5039 by Albert Tyler (the easier one, not the "all the music" one). The instructions made everything clear, and it's all fairly straightforward. I would like to try it on handbells to see whether we can adapt to a different style of ringing.