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Any other methods that aren't mentioned on this list, so would comprise one-off methods.  Also something that starts to come up a lot may be considered for adding to the list as a separate selectable item.

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I've always liked Chesterfield, and I think it's a good candidate for including in the Surprise Major repertoire as an introduction to wrong-place methods. I encountered it as part of Crosland's spliced series. Actually it occurs in two series by Richard Crosland: a series from 4...Read more

Instead of waiting to comment on each instalment of Simon Linford's analysis of Surprise Major methods as candidates for a new standard repertoire, I'm going to get ahead by discussing some candidates of my own - from a handbell perspective, of course.

One way to come up with candidate methods...Read more

First item: we rang a quarter of London yesterday, with Angela on the tenors instead of the trebles. It took us a few attempts to get this one (but I must confess that last week's attempt was going really well until I skipped a lead and systematically put everyone else wrong). Jonathan...Read more

Last Friday, two Ringing Worlds arrived at once, catching up from the snow. So there were two instalments of Simon Linford's selection of methods for a new Surprise Major repertoire.

First was Yorkshire. We have written so much already about Yorkshire on handbells that...Read more

We rang our quarter of Frederick Delight Major, very well though I say it myself. It's a nice method, and much more musical than Pudsey. Here is the plain course of Pudsey with runs of consecutive bells highlighted (thanks to www.ringing.org for the diagram).

...Read more

We rang Golden Wedding Anniversary, with just a short false start before succeeding. We all concentrated and rang carefully, and in general the ringing was good. I found that the key to ringing both parts of the frontwork (e.g. 2nd and 3rd place...Read more

On Wednesday we rang a good peal of Pudsey with Mike and Ian. It was our second attempt (I didn't blog about the unsuccessful one) and it was a huge improvement on last time. Very satisfying. That brings us to the end of the project to ring the right-place methods...Read more

Yesterday we scored our peal of Superlative, using the composition from my previous article. Most of the peal was quite good, after some initial settling down, although we did have a too-exciting rough patch very near the end. It was much easier with 5-6 coursing throughout. Something to watch out...Read more

Back in March, I wrote about compositions of Superlative, in advance of a peal attempt with Mike and Ian. We didn't get that peal, and yesterday we had another go and failed again. Perhaps there was another attempt in between; I don't remember. Despite the possibilities for compositions that...Read more

... in every sense. We went for a peal with Mike and Ian on Wednesday, and found it surprisingly tricky; so much so that we didn't score. It emphasised the fact that the familiar Cambridge work above the treble is a huge advantage in Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland. We...Read more


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