Frederick Delight Major

We rang our quarter of Frederick Delight Major, very well though I say it myself. It's a nice method, and much more musical than Pudsey. Here is the plain course of Pudsey with runs of consecutive bells highlighted (thanks to for the diagram).

And here is the plain course of Frederick, again from Lots more runs at the front and back.

Ringing Frederick needed concentration on the differences from Pudsey - not that we ring Pudsey very often anyway. Ringing Kent places simultaneously in 3-4 and 5-6 felt unusual, and it was tempting to plain hunt at the lead end afterwards. But there were very few fluffed places during the quarter, which meant that we could appreciate the effect on the changes immediately before and after the lead end. I hadn't expected this, but the 3456 instead of x was audibly quite obvious, and it made  a pleasant change to hear something different.

The next quarter peal plan is Cambridge with Angela inside, but first we have a peal of Lincolnshire Royal to continue the programme of extending our 10-bell repertoire.