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Any other methods that aren't mentioned on this list, so would comprise one-off methods.  Also something that starts to come up a lot may be considered for adding to the list as a separate selectable item.

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Next month's peal with the Edinburgh crossover band is going to be Superlative. It has interesting possibilities for handbell-friendly compositions, because the 24 courses with 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 all coursing are mutually true. These are the coursing orders of the form xxyy2, xx2yy, 2xxyy where xx can be 34...Read more

We're doing well with the "Edinburgh crossover band" - we rang a peal of Lincolnshire last month, using one of the rotated William Barton compositions. Last week we rang Rutland. What was the composition? Rutland isn't a particularly popular method on handbells (in fact last week's peal was my...Read more

Three of us, my wife Sheila, Sally Mew and I meet on most Wednesdays. We usually ring Plain Bob Minor and have rung many quarter peals over the last couple of years and I have conducted most of them. However, in order to expand our learning and experience I encouraged...Read more

Double methods are those in which the frontwork is the backwork upside down. This means that the line of the method has rotational symmetry: it looks the same if rotated by 180 degrees about the point at which it passes the treble in...Read more

I have commented before that one of my ringing ambitions is to be able to ring on handbells everything that I can ring on tower bells. Earlier this year I made this ambition much more difficult by ringing a peal (on tower bells) of cyclic spliced maximus. It included Ariel,...Read more

Angela wants to ring a quarter of Aardvark Surprise Major. To answer the obvious question, it's to do with the fact that her sister is getting married soon. It seems that there was a discussion of ringing something as a wedding compliment, and Angela's sister's fiancé, who is not a...Read more

On Saturday we had a handbell day in Tulloch, hosted by Peter Bevis and Helen McGregor. Nick Jones organised the ringing programme, and beforehand he and I had discussed the best 12-bell method to try as a step beyond Kent. As a result, when he sent out the schedule,...Read more

Yesterday evening we rang with Marcus; we had agreed to go for a quarter of Pudsey. I decided that we all need more practice at all the positions in Pudsey, so I put together a composition in which each handbell pair rings at least a whole course of every position...Read more

Our regular band was one short last night, so we rang a quarter peal of minor and named a method.  It is a six-bell version of something we have been ringing on 8 in the tower, and is a perfectly straightforward method on paper.

However, in handbells, the many places...Read more


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