Superlative success at last, and on to Pudsey

Yesterday we scored our peal of Superlative, using the composition from my previous article. Most of the peal was quite good, after some initial settling down, although we did have a too-exciting rough patch very near the end. It was much easier with 5-6 coursing throughout. Something to watch out for in that composition is that in the blocks of middles, at the calls 5-6 become the place bells corresponding to a call at wrong on the tenors, i.e. 5th and 7th place bells; conversely, in the blocks of wrongs, 5-6 become the place bells corresponding to a call at middle on the tenors, i.e. 6th and 8th place bells.

Our plan with Mike and Ian is to ring a peal of Pudsey next, to complete the right-place methods from the standard 8. After that, there are several directions we could choose. We could stick with single right-place methods such as Uxbridge, Lessness or Cornwall. We could try spliced Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland, and then perhaps work up to 6-spliced with Superlative and Pudsey. Or we could tackle Bristol, with the goal of moving on to London and eventually 8-spliced.

For the immediate next goal of Pudsey, I need to find a good composition. I haven't seen many that claim to be handbell-friendly. Here's one by Roger Bailey with 18 courses of coursing for 5-6 (like Superlative and Bristol, starting at the snap in Pudsey means that 5-6 are coursing). It's rather long, and it doesn't look easy to shorten it.

5376 Pudsey Surprise Major
Roger Bailey

(42536) M  W  H
 54236        -
 65432  2     s
 34562     2  2
 62543  -  -  s
(34526) -  -  -
3 part.
Snap start and finish.
5-6 ring 18 courses of 7-8 position. True to all Bc.

Another one from is a standard composition by Edwin A Barnett, rotated so that 3-4 are fixed at the part end. It has 63% (14 courses) coursing for 3-4, and a nice simple calling.

5184 Pudsey Surprise Major
Edwin A Barnett (rotated)

23456  B  M  W  H
54632     –  –  3
26354  3
53462     –  –  3
3 part.

This one by Chris Adams has an appealing 6-part structure.

5376 (5058) Pudsey Surprise Major
Chris Adams

23456    M  W  H
64352    -     -  
53246    -  -     
34265    s  2   
6 part. For 5058 call Bob for Single in last part and omit 2W.  

I've called it for Yorkshire in the past - one interesting point is that it can also be shortened to 5058 for Yorkshire, but in a different way, by replacing the 2W by sW in the last part. It's not an easy handbell composition, because 5-6 don't have any coursing at all.

I'm inclined towards the Barnett composition, unless I find anything better between now and the peal attempt.