Modest Progress in South Cambs - target for the year achieved

Three of us, my wife Sheila, Sally Mew and I meet on most Wednesdays. We usually ring Plain Bob Minor and have rung many quarter peals over the last couple of years and I have conducted most of them. However, in order to expand our learning and experience I encouraged Sally to conduct this year and she has done so successfully on 5 ocassions. We are trying to move on to other plain minor methods and the target for this year has been Double Bob. Sheila finds change ringing on handbells quite challenging but is very steady when the tenors are together.

We started on Double Bob in the spring (interspersed with a few quarters of Plain) and have managed to ring six courses with tenors together I then decided that we could ring a quarter peal of spliced Plain and Double, only ringing Double Bob when the tenors were in course (standard calling for 720 and 540). This kept Sheila in known territory. We rang our quarter peal on Wednesday 18th November 2015 and it was a very creditable performance being a first of spliced for Sheila and Sally. Double Bob is an interesting simple diversion to Plain Bob and worth ringing. See

We now plan to go back to Plain Bob for the time being, but also to change pairs with Sheila re-visiting the trebles. Once this has been conslidated Single Oxford will be the next target.