Methods as compositions, part 3: St Clement's

St Clement's Minor

St Clement's College Bob Minor, to use its full title, is another method with a simple structure that we can understand as a composition.

As always, the initial coursing order is 124653. The 6th, 5th and 3rd in turn make 3rds, jumping over the 2nd and the 4th as they do so.

The coursing order becomes 162453, then 165243, then 165324 which is a cyclic rotation and will bring up a Plain Bob lead end.

But that wouldn't be St Clement's, it would be College Bob, which is St Clement's with 6th place at the lead end. Adding 2nd place at the lead end applies another cyclic rotation to the coursing order, just as we saw with Plain Bob, and gives 146532 which corresponds to the lead end 142635.