Another first quarter

This afternoon we rang Jessica's first handbell quarter: Plain Bob Minor with her on the trebles. We had an attempt a few weeks ago, which was going well but we had to stop when we realised we had miscalculated the time available before needing to drop our son Thomas off in town to catch a bus back to Dundee. (Even so, we didn't quite make it and I ended up having to drive him all the way there). The previous extended practice proved its worth and we rang a nice quarter with very few trips.

So, of our three new learners, we've now rung quarters for Jessica and Colin. Zoe hasn't been able to come very often because of shift work, but I hope we'll be able to get her back into it in the new year. We have also been making progress with Plain Bob Major including both Colin and Jessica, and we're not too far away from ringing a quarter.