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Iain Scott asked about handbell-friendly quarter peal compositions of Plain Bob Major, to be called from 5-6 with an inexperienced ringer on 3-4.

I think the answer depends on exactly what each ringer would find easy or difficult. I usually call wrong home wrong, which feels similar to calling a...Read more

There were points during the previous weekend, especially on Sunday, when I thought we had bitten off rather too much - again. 

Our programme to ring a peal Norman Smith's 23-spliced coincided with our usual semi-annual handbell day.  Simon has already written about our first attempt on Friday evening,...Read more

I've written before about handbell-friendly compositions, but now I'm going to start an occasional series about compositions that I like for particular methods. First up is Plain Bob Major, which is the most common eight-bell method for handbell peals and a natural choice for a band starting out on peal-ringing....Read more

Among the quarters we rang on the most recent handbell day was one of Plain Bob Major, which was Colin's first quarter away from the tenors. As I often do for Bob Major, I called the standard 720 of Bob Minor (i.e. Wrong Home Wrong 6 times, single Home...Read more

Yesterday we had a Thomas-only session where we thoroughly rehearsed Plain Bob Minor lead by lead, one lead at a time.  It might be a bit of a cheat, but I rather think the key to learning ringing is to grab hold of any crutch to help you get a...Read more

After the last Scottish Handbell Day, we had a bit of a rest from our labours, but managed to meet with Josy for some more ringing practice last week.

Josy had a great handbell day.  Not only did she ring her first quarter peal (Plain Bob Minor of course), but...Read more

Last night was our last opportunity to have a practice with Josy before her official quarter peal attempt on the Handbell Day (Josy is our new-ish learner: since about March).  We have been practising long touches of Plain Bob to work her stamina up for a quarter, and we decided...Read more

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