Another Quarter Peal for Josy

Having learned our lesson about warming up before starting a lengthy piece of handbell ringing, we were rewarded with a successful quarter peal:

Scottish Association
1 Albany Quadrant
Wednesday 19 October 2011
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1-2   Tina R Stoecklin
3-4   Simon J Gay (C)
5-6   Josy Shewell Brockway
First on an inside pair: 5-6

The girl did well, and even managed to ring a course of Kent on an inside pair afterwards.

On another topic, the star system we developed for helping Thomas to get a grip on the pairs in Plain Bob Minor doesn’t seem to be working all that well.  Though, frankly, we are never good at keeping up with this kind of thing.  Thomas finally confessed that he finds it too hard to count whilst ringing and was getting lost trying to do too many things at once.

So, we told him to not worry about counting and just ring it.  Last night we concentrated on rehearsing the opposites lead from the trebles, and when we put it together with the first two leads, we just carried on, and by golly he rang a Plain Course.  We think a bit more practice on the fourth lead and he will be ringing it with confidence.   He went to bed asking when he could ring a quarter peal.