Handbell Roundup for July

Despite the holiday season there was plenty of handbell-ringing activity in July.


Firsts and other milestones:

1st peal of S Major in hand, Jonathan Franklin and Stephen Beckingham (who also called it).

1st quarter in hand, Judith Lainé.

1st peal in hand, Patrick Deakin.

1st quarter in hand, Nicholas Brown (and last, he says - but he should try something more fun than Plain Bob Minimus!)

1st peal in hand, Mary Edelsten.

1st peal of S Royal in hand, Alexandra Hajok, Malcolm Taylor and Daniel Jones.

1st quarter on 8 in hand, Amy Gill and James Allen.

1st quarter as conductor in hand, Jack Gunning.

1st peal of Surprise on handbells, Marcia Dieppe.

1st peal of Surprise Major in hand for the Sussex County Association.

1st quarter as conductor in hand, Duncan Loweth.

1st peal of Bristol in hand, Timothy Bayton.

1st peal in hand, Jonathan Ladd.

1st quarter as conductor, Ali Lucas.

1st quarter of Royal and 1st quarter of Treble Bob, Myles Dakan.

1st peal on 10 in hand, James Hodkin and Maureen Hanney.

1st quarter of Stedman Triples in hand, Arthur Reeves.

1st quarter of Royal in hand, Pam Marshall, Bill Shanks and Philip Hudson.

1st quarter, Moira Tregaskis.

1st quarter in hand, Mischa Thompson.

And finally, a rare achievement: 1100th peal on handbells, Kathleen Baldwin.


Interesting performances:

Some Cambridge University Guild "old fogeys" in India.

A new method by the Perrins family: Bakers Delight Minor.

A new peal and quarter peal venue in Scotland: our friend Nick Jones's house.

Spliced Surprise Minor in the "Horton's 4" methods.

Fancy peals:

5 Spliced Surprise Maximus and 2 Spliced Surprise Maximus in Maidenhead.

8 Spliced Surprise Royal in Reading.

Another peal of Stedman Triples, silent and non-conducted, by those clever chaps in Birmingham.

For our featured performance this month, I've chosen a "magic blocks" peal of Spliced Minor. I've recently been looking at the callings for this kind of composition, and I am belatedly realising how difficult it must be to conduct and ring them. Good work!

Society of Cambridge Youths
Orwell, Cambridgeshire
59 Town Green Rd
Sunday, 13 July 2014 in 1h50 (7 in D)
5040 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (120 methods)
Duke of Norfolk, Rochester, College Exercise, Ockley, Norbury, Drayton, Campanulla, British Scholars' Pleasure, Gladstone, Crofton, Hasley, Hemsworth, Barnsley, Stockbridge, South Kirkby, Havercroft, Berwyn, Felkirk, Westray, Mendip, Vatersay, Zugspitze, Taylor, Ullscarf TB; Old Oxford, Paddock, College Bob IV, Newdigate, Tuxford, Willesden, London, Darton Exercise, Disley, Hadfield, Conisborough, Europium, Staverton, Worcester, Nostell, York, Berrybrow, Queen Bess, Eyam, Burslem, Hoylandswaine, Wilmslow, Tulip, Bogedone, Rostherne, Poynton, Knutsford, Belvoir, Dunedin, Erbium, Boston, Barham, March, Selby, Rawmarsh, Staveley, Berkeley, Woodgrove, Pembroke, Oystermouth, Deepcar, Oxygen, Fluorine, Glastonbury, Neon, Peveril, Croome d'Abitot, Leasowe, Melandra, Natrium, Beeston, Kingsley, Chelsea, Beauchief, Combermere, Langsett, Vale Royal, Crowland, Canterbury, St Werburgh D; Luton, Royal Bob, Rhyl, Ripley, Bamborough, Thorne, Harwood, Linden, Unacceptable, Beighton, Cambridge, Appleby, Redcar, Coverleigh, Hatfield, Surfleet, Eastwood, Beverley, Bangor, Carlisle, Grantham, Sleaford, Osea, Chester-le-Street, Munden, Netherwood, Chester, Bakewell, Cunecastre, Minehead, Retford, Kelso, Spalding, Victoria Street, Brampton, Norwood Tunnel S
Composed by D J Pipe (arranged)
1-2 Elizabeth A Orme
3-4 David J Pipe (C)
5-6 Jonathan A Agg
First magic blocks: 1-2

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