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Our monthly review of change ringing on handbells, based on performances submitted to BellBoard.

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Welcome to the handbell roundup for April 2015.  There were a massive 196 handbell performances on BellBoard, as ringers took advantage of the Easter holidays.

Handbell quarters of note:

Here's the latest, gathered from BellBoard. Some quarters:

What have we got for February?  Let's see....

Some firsts:

There was a lot of handbell ringing going on at New Year - we did some too, with a handbell day at Tulloch. Combined with the rest fo January, there has been quite a crop of firsts and other notable achievements.

First quarters

Here is our handbell roundup for December 2014.  The Christmas period offers a good time for groups of friends to get together and do a lot of handbell ringing (this is what the holidays are for, right?), and quite a few people did just that. 

Notable firsts:

Here is our (rather late) handbell roundup for November 2014......

Notable firsts:

A little more promptly than the last couple, here is our handbell roundup for October 2014, based on reports from BellBoard.

Among the quarter peals, there are several firsts:

As we begin to catch up with ourselves, we offer a handbell roundup for September 2014:

Some milestones this month:

The latter part of the summer passed by so quickly, we suddenly realised it was October already, and we hadn't done a roundup since July! 

Apologies for the delay in service, and here is our handbell roundup for August 2014. 

Not many milestones this month, except for Ian Redway, who...Read more

Despite the holiday season there was plenty of handbell-ringing activity in July.


Firsts and other milestones:

1st peal of S Major in hand, Jonathan Franklin and Stephen Beckingham (who also called it).

1st quarter in hand, Judith Lainé.

1st peal in hand, Patrick Deakin....Read more


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